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Amy (New York)
I am Amy from Staten Island, NY. I admire your courage and wisdom in wanting the very best life for your baby. After getting to know me, I hope you will feel confident that your baby would be in good hands and be loved, nurtured and supported. I am sure that this has been a tough time for you, and want you to feel at peace with your choices and know that I will help you in any way I can with moral support every step of the way and reassurance that your baby will be loved, protected and given a very nurturing home. I am also happy to work with whatever level of openness you are comfortable with. I look forward to including you and your family as much as you would like to be involved. A child can never have too much love!

Anthony and Trisha

Anthony and Trisha (New York)
We know you are faced with a difficult decision and admire your courage and strength. We are extremely excited about starting a family. We hope you will consider us in your search for a loving, happy, secure home for your child.

Becky and Dave

Becky and Dave (New Jersey)
Hi! We are m­arried and th­e best of ­friends. ­We knew fr­om the beg­inning tha­t we wante­d to be pa­rents and ­share our ­love with ­a little o­ne. Becky­ is a chil­d psycholo­gist and h­as the ski­lls to rai­se a baby ­with love,­ patience,­ and nurturanc­e. Da­ve is kind­-hearted, ­intelligen­t, and nurtur­ing. We have­ three swe­et kitties­ and a pla­yful pup. ­ We own ou­r home, ar­e financia­lly secure­, and can ­meet all o­f our baby­’s needs.­ We promis­e to provi­de a l­oving home­, gentle p­ets to cud­dle, a goo­d educatio­n, and a sol­id foundat­ion.

Dane & Demitra

Dane & Demitra (California)
We’ve shared eight years of love and five of marriage. We are best friends who have been blessed to create a stable partnership and happy life with each other. Parenting together for the past three years has deepened our loving connection, bringing us more joy, fun, and gratitude than we ever imagined. Some of our ideas of fun include attending concerts and plays, dancing, performance art, listening to and making music, dining out, attending museums and art openings, watching movies, going to the beach, visiting the park with our son, walking our dog, and potluck gatherings with friends and family. It has always been our hope to grow our family through adoption.

Dave and Lisa

Dave and Lisa (Utah)
Hi, We are Dave and Lisa and we are excited to welcome you and your child into our family! We are an active family that loves sports, music, chocolate and traveling. We would love to get to know you and embark on this adoption journey together! We are ready and excited to provide a child with unconditional love, financial stability, education, and extracurricular activities! Check out our adoption profile for lots of pictures and information about our family!

Debra & Jeffrey

Debra & Jeffrey (New York)
We are Debra and Jeffrey from NY. We have been happily married for 4 years. Our dream is to grow our family through adoption. We are a crazy couple that loves to go to the beach, play with our dogs, enjoy gardening, cooking, and beating each other at Jeopardy.

Jess and Sal - Adopted!

Jess and Sal - Adopted! (New Jersey)
Hello! We are Jess & Sal. We adopted a baby boy.

JT and Lisa

JT and Lisa (New York)
We'd like to thank you for taking the time to visit our profile. We're so excited to begin this journey towards parenthood and we're wholeheartedly grateful you are considering adoption. We believe adoption is all about the unconditional love of a child. We feel blessed to have the opportunity to become parents.

Laura and Mark

Laura and Mark (Washington)
Hello friend, we are Laura and Mark. We promise that your baby will be surrounded and loved by family and friends. Your child will forever know the love you have, and you will always have a special place in our family. We look forward to talking with you about your hopes for your child's future. Please visit our website and contact us toll free any time at 800-655-2594.

Mike & Brittany

Mike & Brittany (Michigan)
Hello from Michigan! We hope that we can provide you with an insight into who we are and the type of home your child will be raised in. After struggling with infertility God blessed us with our son through adoption. We cannot wait to experience the blessing of adoption for the second time. We look forward to sharing our love for adventure with your child and providing a home filled with lots of love and laughter. We are a young couple who loves spontaneous adventures, spending time with family, and being outdoors. Thank you for taking the time to learn more about us!
Found 15 of 23 Listings, <<  Page 1 of 2  >>


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